Let’s Start the Exciting Healthcare Journey Together

Hi Everyone,

Let’s start from the start on the ‘hows and ‘whys’ about me and my journey into the healthcare.

I recently got interested to share my interest, passion and some latest healthcare stuff with everyone who lives, loves and works in healthcare IT space. I try to keep the reading as engaged and as short as possible.

I am connected to a lot of passionate individuals across – solution, product, project, client, customer, management, technical, all trying to solve the same puzzle ‘Health’ and ‘Health Care’, now, this makes sense to share some info in this space with you all.

I am a strong believer that everyone of us can make a positive change in our own life, other’s life, to an organization  and the wider world –  with your passion, motivation and thinking.

You can know more about me and my work here (www.mmbaig.com)

I would like to discuss ‘How to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare IT needs’ at some point.